VOLKS USA Online Sales Opening for VOCALOID Dollfies and Dollfie Accessories!

Have you been dying to get a VOCALOID Dollfie Dream? Or maybe you just really need those hand parts for Miku to hold her leek. No matter the case, VOLKS USA has you covered! The Miku, Rin, and Len Dollfies will be available for sale starting July 1st. In addition, there are hand parts galore and other accessories as well! All items will be available on the VOLKS USA online store until July 10th unless they sell out before then.

Dolls For Sale

Links lead to the product pages. Bookmark them if you plan to purchase!

Dollfie Dream® Hatsune Miku ($682)
Dollfie Dream® Snow Miku ($650)
Dollfie Dream® Sister “Kagamine Rin” ($648)
Dollfie Dream® Sister “Kagamine Len” ($694)

Song Themed Outfits!

PLEASE NOTE: The outfits do NOT come with the dolls! Dolls must be purchased separately.

Senbonzakura Outfit Set (Ichi no Sakura: Cherry Blossom) ($198)
Senbonzakura Outfit Set (Ni no Sakura: Butterfly) ($180)
Senbonzakura Outfit Set (Ni no Sakura: Fan Dance) ($180)
“Mikuzukin” Set ($185)
“Ribbon Girl” Outfit Set ($240)
SIREN Outfit Set ($130)


Cooking Set ($39)
Megaphone/Speaker ($28)

Hand Parts!

There are 13 different optional hand parts available for $33 per set. All of these hands have their fingernails painted especially to match Miku! You can find the hand parts at bottom of page 2 in the product lineup and all of page 3.

More Information

For a full listing of all items on sale during this ten day web sales event, check out the full lineup online. Sales start at 10AM PT  on July 1st so be ready!


Special thanks to Vocaloid Buy Blog for bringing this to everyone’s attention!

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