Vsinger’s Concert Setlist Revealed

The Vsinger live concert is approaching quickly and Vsinger has finally announced the full setlist! The concert will be held on June 17th and Aya Uchida, the voice actress for Kotori Minami from Love Live, will also make a guest appearance.


01. 66CCFF ft. Luo Tianyi

02. CONNECT~心的连接~ (CONNECT~hearts~) ft. Luo Tianyi

03. In Your Breath ft. Yuezheng Longya

04. Paparoach ft. Luo Tianyi

05. 刀剑春秋 (The Age of Sword and Blade) ft. YANHE

06. 极乐净土 (Gokuraku Jodo) ft. Guests

07. 九九八十一 (Nine-Nine Eighty-One) ft. Yuezheng Ling

08. 梦想→World→歌唱 (Dream→World→Sing) ft. Luo Tianyi

09. 梦语 (Dream Words) ft. Yuezheng Ling

10. 梦之雨 (Rain of Dream) ft. YANHE

11. 普通DISCO (Ordinary DISCO) ft. Luo Tianyi & YANHE

12. 噗哟噗哟 (PuyoPuyo)

13. 千年食谱颂 (Millennium Recipe Song) ft. Luo Tianyi

14. 权御天下 (Sun Quan the Emperor) ft. Luo Tianyi

15. 三月雨 (March Rain) ft. Luo Tianyi

16. 深夜书店 (Midnight Bookstore) ft. Luo Tianyi & Vae (Guest)

17. 霜雪千年 (Millennium of Frost and Snow) ft. Luo Tianyi & Yuezheng Ling

18. 为了你唱下去 (Keep Singing for You) ft. Luo Tianyi

19. 心跳同步的时光 (Time Synchronized with the Heartbeat) ft. Luo Tianyi

20. 夜舞 (Night Dance) ft. Luo Tianyi

21. 一半一半 (Half and Half) ft. Luo Tianyi

22. 中华烁金娘 (China Shuojin/Metal Melting Girl) ft. Luo Tianyi

23. 追光使者 (Light Chaser) ft. Luo Tianyi

You can find the original Weibo post here.

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