Yuezheng Longya Birthday Celebrations Announced!

It is a joy for all of the fans of a specific virtual singer to celebrate their favorite’ birthdays accordingly, and we all know Vsinger never disappointed on said occasions, not even now! In fact, they will celebrate Yuezheng Longya‘s birthday on October 2nd and he’s going to get a similar treatment to his comrades!

Celebrating Longya!

Just like the other Vsinger vocalists before him, Longya will get a special livestream on Bilibili with an interactive session for his fans, a brand new song composed for him and exclusive merchandise!

Main Visual by Catcan

With su an amazing main visual provided by Catcan, we have no doubts his fans will gladly join his birthday party!

Exclusive Merchandise

Similarly to his friends Longya will get a Woodblock Print and an Acrylic Phone Stand, each priced 128 RMB!

Are you interested perhaps? You can find and buy them by clicking here!



Longya’s birthday party will get a livestream on Bilibili starting on October 2nd at 8:30PM CST! It should last about an hour and there will be an interactive session as well!

Tune yourself on his livestream by clicking here!

New Songs PV

Last but not least, they also planned a new song to be released on his birthday, featuring an amazing official PV for Longya’s fans to enjoy!

Through the night

First of all, the official birthday song published by Vsinger on Longya’s Bilibili account, “Through the night“!

Click on the picture to open up the video on a different tab. If it doesn’t show up, clixk here!

Lyrics: 冥凰
Tuning: Dong DianP
Director: Rosary


Last but not least the collaboration song composed for “300 Glamorous Heroes” featuring Longya, “Outstanding“!

Click on the picture to open up the video on a different tab. If it doesn’t show up, clixk here!

Music: UMdR
Lyrics: 冥凰
Guitar: Jimmy
Mixing: AceG
Tuning: Dong DianP

Illustration & Design: TID
PV Artworks: Catcan, Ratto


We cannot wait for Longya to finally get his own birthday party, enjoying his fans’ support and love in such a special day for him!

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