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September, 2016

  • 3 September

    IA’s Live Concert in Hong Kong Featuring Lia!

    IA’s live concert in Shanghai happened just a few days ago and it was a success! However, it is not over yet, as there are still a few events left in Hong Kong and Costa Rica. Below is a message from 1st PLACE’s official Facebook page. IA’s first live concert in …

  • 1 September

    Luo Tianyi V4 at Bilibili Macro Link Official Upload!

    Back in July, we covered Luo Tianyi performing her V4 debut at Bilibili Macro Link, however we only had some images and no official upload. If you were unable to watch the performance on the stream or have seen it in low quality, you can now view it in high …

  • 1 September

    From VR, to “Hand in Hand,” to Mikudayo, SEGA Celebrates Miku’s Birthday in a Myriad of Ways

    August 31st was Miku’s birthday! And to celebrate, SEGA, the makers of the Project Diva video game series, held nothing less than a smorgasbord of events! First: Mikudayo Invades Game Center Club Sega Akihabara Shinkan (Again!) First up, Mikudayo was spotted holding her own promotional events for Miku. It was …

August, 2016

  • 29 August

    Full-Orchestra Concert “Hatsune Miku Symphony” Comes to a Close, CD Announced

    -*On August 26, 2016, at the Tokyo International Forum A in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, Hatsune Miku’s historical, first-ever, full-orchestra concert Lux Straight & Beauty Presents Hatsune Miku Symphony was performed and concluded with resounding success. Music for the concert was performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Hirofumi Kurita, who …

  • 26 August

    IA Merchandise at COMICUP18.5! Shanghai Concert Trailer Now on Bilibili!

    IA PARTY A GO-GO live concert will be held on August 27th at 8 PM in Shanghai, on the same day IA and Kagerou PROJECT merchandise will be available at 1st PLACE’s booth at COMICUP 18.5 during the day. In addition to selling merchandise at their booth, they will also …

  • 26 August

    Crypton to Host a “9th Anniversary Congratulatory Live Nico Show” on Miku’s Upcoming Anniversary

    It’s almost August 31st, which means it’s also almost Miku’s 9th anniversary. Last year, Crypton hosted a live broadcast on Niconico called “Hatsune Miku Congratulatory Live Nico Show” to usher in her birthday, and it appears that they will be hosting a “9th Anniversary Congratulatory Live Nico Show” come this …

  • 23 August

    Gatebox Home Live feat. Hatsune Miku Announced for Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2016

    A collaborative live performance titled “Gatebox Home Live feat. Hatsune Miku” has been announced for Magical Mirai 2016 featuring the Gatebox technology by vinclu Inc. The technology utilizes video projection technologies and various sensors to bring out an in-depth virtual character in a cylindrical case. Gatebox is the World First Holographic …

  • 21 August

    VNN Attending IA “PARTY A GOGO” Event in Shanghai, China

    Once again, VNN will be attending IA’s “PARTY A GOGO”! This time, however, we are going all the way to Shanghai, China, to cover the event. X-LIVE is holding an event featuring IA’s first live concert in Shanghai! (Not a live screening.) The event will take place on Saturday, August 27th …

  • 21 August

    Hatsune Miku’s Fairy 9th Anniversary ~Miku Saga~: New Goodies Now Available for Sale!

    A special event is currently ongoing at Animate’s Online Shop to celebrate Hatsune Miku’s 9th anniversary: “Hatsune Miku’s Fairy 9th Anniversary ~Miku Saga~”! Starting from August 9th, the event will be available for a month until September 11th, bringing new goodies and much more to fans! Said event will also be …

  • 19 August

    Details Emerge for the Hacka Doll x Magical Mirai 2016 “August 39th Project” Collaboration

    On the Hacka Doll official blog, some light has been shed on the Hacka Doll and Hatsune Miku collaborative “August 39th” Project,” whose teaser site unveiling we have previously reported on. The teaser site now sports a new, adorable visual banner showing Hacka Doll and Miku singing together, plus an …