Full-Orchestra Concert “Hatsune Miku Symphony” Comes to a Close, CD Announced

-*On August 26, 2016, at the Tokyo International Forum A in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, Hatsune Miku’s historical, first-ever, full-orchestra concert Lux Straight & Beauty Presents Hatsune Miku Symphony was performed and concluded with resounding success.

Music for the concert was performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Hirofumi Kurita, who is also known as the conductor for the Granblue Fantasy Orchestra Concert. Voice provider for Kagamine Rin and Len, Asami Shimoda, and VOCALOID producer 40mP also made guest appearances. The concert venue opened at 3:00 PM and included booths for the concert sponsors, Lux, as well as for SEGA feat. Hatsune Miku Project, complete with playable Playstation VR demos. The conclusion of the roughly two-hour-long, full-orchestra concert was met with thunderous applause. Afterwards, the concert staff expressed on Twitter how they would love to hold another one next year.

“Before the concert, some guys who looked like officials at the Lux booth said ‘Huh? Is that computer-generated hair in a shampoo commercial?’ ‘Well, yeah. It was a risk, but we thought it turned out well’ and that’s when I realized the blonde girl’s hair is indeed computer-generated (;´∀`)” pic.twitter.com/Jm3hJyCX45 (※All images are from the official Hatsune Miku Symphonia Twitter account.)

“Alter at the conclusion of the symphony! (Don’t worry, I got permission!)

“Just got back from watching the symphony!”


After the doors opened, an announcement for the Miku-Lux collaborative project appeared on the screen set up onstage.
(Permission to take pictures was given for this and only this part of the show.)

“I wonder if I’ll smell like Miku if I start using Lux.”

“News flash: Hatsune Miku to appear in a Lux Straight & Beauty TV commercial!”

“Good morning! There’s a special collaboration with Lux at the Hatsune Miku Symphony!”

“Here’s the Lux commercial at the Hatsune Miku Symphony”

Countless tweets then appeared on Twitter following the concert’s conclusion. Even Yuzuki Yukari’s voice provider, Chihiro Ishiguro, and some sumo wrestler stars joined in, all of whom drew a lot of attention.

“I went to see the Hatsune Miku Symphony, AND Kiriarashi-san!
Listening to VOCALOID songs performed in full-orchestra form was amazing (•’-‘•)*
I personally found “Lost One’s Weeping” to be the best one ?”

“?Today, I went to see my first orchestra concert, the Hatsune Miku Symphony!✨ I recognized the conductor as the same one from the Granblue Orchestra, Hirofumi Kurita! I especially loved how he conducts in a way that looks like he’s hopping all over the place! (LOL)”

“Though this concert was organized by Warner, I’d like to extend my thanks to Mr. Ikeda, who not only managed Exit Tunes during its early stages, but even assisted me the most during the awkward beginning phases of Project Diva. He’s truly a man full of passion and zeal. Great job, and I’ll say now that I look forward to next year.”

Official CD Confirmation

Finally, the Orchestra Live CD was announced for release on November 9th, carefully selecting and compiling the best pieces that were performed at the concert. Furthermore, those who pre-ordered the CD at the concert site will receive a free B2-sized Hatsune Miku Symphony poster, featuring the symphony’s main promotional Miku illustration. This 2-CD compilation will cost ¥3,000 JPY ($29 USD), tax-included, and will feature the same KEI-designed illustration of Miku wearing a tailcoat as the cover design, allowing those who purchase it the chance to re-experience the full-orchestra sensation at home.

Hatsune Miku Symphony Theme Song

Originally written by Kowhey of VNN Japan.

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