Hatsune Miku Music Cafe Collaboration

A new Miku and friends collaboration is on its way in the form of a music cafe! During this collaboration, you will be able to enjoy themed drinks, snacks, and goods featuring our favourite Crypton characters. There will also be a closing DJ event held on October 6th at ANION Station Akihabara. To top it all off, a theme song for the event has been published on Miku’s official channel titled ” ジャズコーラスの夏闌 [reprise].” This song will also be available on KarenT, and you can find it by clicking here.

PERFORMERS: buzzG, sasakure.U.K., 市瀬るぽ (Ichinose Lupo), Alpaca, GuySaaN, Tamu


The collaboration is being held from August 23rd to October 6th in Akihabara and from August 28th until September 29th in Hakata.



Miku’s Blue Green Kiwi Drink – 694 Yen (Before Tax)

Rin and Len’s Yellow Mango Milk – 694 Yen (Before Tax)

Luka’s Pink Peach Soda – 694 Yen (Before Tax)

KAITO’s Blue Soda – 694 Yen (Before Tax)

MEIKO’s Red Cranberry Drink – 694 Yen (Before Tax)

Negi Matcha Latte – 463 Yen (Before Tax)

Each character drink will come with a cork coaster representing the character.


Miku’s Negi Record Curry – 1,111 Yen (Before Tax)

Rin and Len’s Get-Along Halfsies Sandwich – 926 Yen (Before Tax)

KAITO’s Refreshing Mini Parfait – 926 Yen (Before Tax)

MEIKO and Luka’s Lovely Pancakes – 833 Yen (Before Tax)

“Full Swing Summer’s Jazz Chorus” Summer Sky Jelly from the Heavenly Stars – 556 Yen (Before Tax)



Each of these food menu items will come with a mini acrylic stand as a gift that will be chosen at random.

If you missed the coasters or the acrylic stands from previous collaborations, you will be able to chose one of the previous ones. Keep in mind that stock is limited.



Negi Pouch (1 Designs Available) – 1,389 Yen (Before Tax)

Multi-Pouch (6 Designs Available) – 2,593 Yen (Before Tax)

Acrylic Key Holder VOL.3 (6 Designs Available) – 926 Yen (Before Tax)

Mag-Badge Collection VOL.3 *Random (6 Designs Available) – 463 Yen (Before Tax)

Card Sticker VOL.3 *Random (6 Designs Available) – 463 Yen (Before Tax)

Card Sticker VOL.2 *Random (6 Designs Available) – 463 Yen (Before Tax)

Card Sticker VOL.1 *Random (6 Designs Available) – 463 Yen (Before Tax)

“Luka’s Folding Fan” will be available from BamcoNet Crane ‘Torumo’ from August 23rd and will also come with some mini colored art paper.


During your first visit to the cafe, you will receive a stamp card. If you collect 5 stamps, you will be presented with a member’s card!

There will also be a ticket lottery available at the cafe, general sales will begin at a later date.

Let us know in the comments if you attend this event and show us your pictures!


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