IA English Website Now Available!

An IA English website is now available thanks to 1st Place! Currently, the site is dedicated to IA’s World Screening Caravan. You can see the schedule, access the screening questionnaire, and even visit IA’s artist page (the artist page is only in Japanese at the moment). The website also promises that more information is coming soon.

You can visit the website here: http://1stplace.co.jp/ia/eng/

In addition, the choker campaign mentioned in our previous article is also up! Fans can submit small bits of information and receive the pattern for IA’s outfit. If you cosplay IA at an event that 1st PLACE is at, you can receive IA’s choker for free from the company!

Fans can go to the form here and enter their email address to have the patterns sent right to their inbox. Unfortunately, the patterns have Japanese instructions on them at the moment.

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