Into Starlight & Reload CD/DVD with AR Available!

If you have watched the IA concert live stream and wished you could have some of that experience at home, now you are in luck! 1st Place has released a special CD/DVD combo that has AR versions of several of the songs!



  1. Reload feat. IA & ONE
  2. Into Starlight feat. IA & ONE
  3. Reload -Instrumental ver.-
  4. Into Starlight -Instrumental ver.-


  1. Into Starlight feat. IA & ONE
  2. 東京リアルワールド (Tokyo Real World) feat. IA
  3. ミライ(MIRAI) feat. ONE
  4. Shooting Star feat. IA
  5. Reload feat. IA & ONE


The CD/DVD combo can be purchased on CDJapan for  ¥2,000 JPY ($18 USD). If you order now, you will also receive a special rubber strap bonus!



IA World Page

1st Place’s Official Website

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