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May, 2016

  • 19 May

    IA’s Concert Screening at Etna Comics 2016

    IA debutta all'Etna Comics 2016

    Even if it's not the first time Italian fans have had the chance to attend a VOCALOID concert (see Luo Tianyi's brief cameo at Lucca Comics & Games 2014), it's still nice to hear about IA's appearance at Etna Comics 2016! But sadly, there is heartbreaking news. Because there won't be a real concert with

  • 19 May

    VOCALOID News Network Will Be Attending Miku Expo and Anime North in Toronto

    VOCALOID News Network will be covering the Miku Expo concert and the Miku Short Film Festival that are being held in Toronto. On top of that, we will be at Anime North 2016 in Toronto the following weekend as well as have a VOCALOID panel. Miku Expo and Short Film Festival Monds from VOCALOID News

  • 14 May

    VOCAMERICA Kickstarter Stretch Goals Announced

    EmpathP recently announced the confirmed acts for the VOCAMERICA concert. However, now the VOCAMERICA Kickstarter stretch goals are announced as well! There are four stretch goals, each of which will "unlock" a new VOCALOID in the concert. Once again, the announcement came via Vocaloid Amino, where she's promised to post all of her VOCAMERICA updates.

  • 7 May

    VOCAMERICA Performers Announced

    In February, EmpathP (also known as Aki Glancy) announced in a live stream about Dex and Daina that she was planning to hold a concert featuring western VOCALOIDs. In the months following, she was hard at work getting things together and she's still working on everything. Currently, Aki is working on getting a Kickstarter up

  • 3 May

    Luo Tianyi Will Be Performing at the Bilibili Macro Link!

    Bilibili will soon be having their 4th yearly live event, "Bilibili Macro Link" (short for BML)! Recently, Bilibili has announced a list of their invited artists for the 2016 Bilibili Macro Link; it includes not only famous Bilibili singers, dancers, music composers, and even overseas artists, but also a certain name on the list that

April, 2016

March, 2016

  • 31 March

    IA Panel and Concert Screening at Nadeshicon

    The official IA World Page on Facebook recently announced that there will be a screening of IA's first Japanese concert, "PARTY A GOGO", this weekend at Nadeshicon in Quebec City! According to the official Nadeshicon 2016 Programme, there will be a panel at the convention in addition to the concert screening. The panel will be

  • 25 March

    Hatsune Miku Expo’s 2016 Japan Tour Begins Today, March 23rd in Fukuoka!

    The 2016 season of Hatsune Miku Expo's tour kicks off today, with the first event starting today in Fukuoka, Japan! The concert will begin tonight at 7:00 PM JST at Zepp Fukuoka, while the local exhibition is on display at the local Fukuoka Animate store. There will also be a show on the 24th

  • 23 March

    AHS “Songs Love” Concert Footage Released

    Recently, AHS released a video with commentary on their live stream channel showcasing the AHS "Songs Love" concert they hosted featuring the AHS VOCALOIDs. As mentioned in a previous article, on Febuary 28th 2016, AHS held a live VOCALOID concert titled "Songs Love" in Japan. The concert featured all of the AHS VOCALOIDs and took