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September, 2016

  • 23 September

    VNN Highlights & Review From AFAID 2016!

    Anime Festival Asia Indonesia is one of the most anticipated yearly events by anime & J-culture fans in Indonesia. This year, the event was held again at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, on September 16~18th, 2016. It featured live performances of many popular Japanese artists in the “I ♥ ANISONG” concert, special …

  • 21 September

    VNN Interview With 1st PLACE’s CEO Murayama Kumiko!

    On August 27th, 1st PLACE had their first live concert in Shanghai, China. Our VNN Chinese staff, Para, Fran, and Funai, got the chance to attend this event. They were very honored to have the opportunity to interview the CEO of 1st PLACE, Murayama Kumiko. Special thanks to 1st PLACE …

  • 16 September

    Huan Xiaoyi 3D Model for MikuMikuDance Released!

    MMD modeler YYB uploaded the 3D MikuMikuDance model for Sharpkey’s voice library Huan Xiaoyi on both Bowlroll and Baidu for her fans to download and use. 幻晓伊!❤https://t.co/bakXQxPrpb pic.twitter.com/1UJKrYCuHB — 三目YYB (@1035517017) September 14, 2016 Who is Huan Xiaoyi? Huan Xioayi is a Chinese voice library developed by Boxstar for the new …

  • 15 September

    Macne Nana Website Updated & Macne Nana V4 Design Illustration Uploaded!

    Today, the website macne.net has been updated with a new image and statement saying that Macne Nana V4 will be released soon. The image is the design for Macne Nana V4 and Macne Nana Petite, illustrated by Akatsuki Gomoku. They also mentioned that Macne Nana V4’s software launching process is currently …

  • 15 September

    Luo Tianyi Will Be Making Another Appearance On Hunan TV!

    On the 14th, an announcement was made on “Hunan TV’s Mid-Autumn Night‘s” Weibo. “The recording has been successfully completed for the Mid-Autumn Night show, Vsinger’s virtual singer Tianyi will make an appearance on stage.”   Tianyi’s official blog forwarded the Weibo, saying “Tianyi will say a line during her performance, …

  • 15 September

    Aoki Lapis Will be Kakegawa Pop Culture Summit 2016’s Mascot!

    We haven’t heard anything from Aoki Lapis, the VOCALOID produced by Studio Deen and Surfer’s Paradise under the name of “i-style Project” in cooperation with YAMAHA, for quite a long time. It looks like her development team, which has been inactive for some months now, announced on their blog that Lapis is …

  • 7 September

    VOCALOID Stardust Figure Now Available for Pre-Orders Internationally!

    A lot of you have fallen in love with this beautiful figure of the VOCALOID Stardust and were hoping for the figure to be available internationally. We have some goods news — this is now possible! These can be pre-ordered on multiple stores, giving you plenty of options. (Listed below.) CD …

  • 2 September

    IA & ONE’s New Collaboration with “Groove Coaster 3” Announced!

    1st Place recently announced IA & ONE’s new collaboration with Groove Coaster 3 Link Fever, an arcade rhythm game from TAITO. The collaboration includes the new addition of five of IA & ONE’s popular songs in the game plus a special campaign where players can collect special trophies, items, and …

  • 1 September

    Luo Tianyi V4 at Bilibili Macro Link Official Upload!

    Back in July, we covered Luo Tianyi performing her V4 debut at Bilibili Macro Link, however we only had some images and no official upload. If you were unable to watch the performance on the stream or have seen it in low quality, you can now view it in high …

August, 2016