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November, 2016

  • 20 November

    November 20th Marks the First Birthday of DEX & DAINA!

    On this day last year, the much anticipated American English VOCALOIDs DEX & DAINA were finally released after a bit of waiting on the go-ahead from YAMAHA. Fans were delighted to see these VOCALOIDs come into the spotlight, but never would we have imagined that these two would go so …

  • 16 November

    VOCALOID UNI’s Demo is Now Live!

    The newest Korean VOCALOID UNI had her design revealed back in August 2015, and fans have been excited ever since. Until now, we only had a voice sample of her. However, we now have a full demo showcasing her full potential. Check it out! We also have a message from …

  • 12 November

    Xia Yu Yao 2nd Anniversary Celebrations!

    It seems like it was just yesterday that Xia Yu Yao was being released by Voicemith for the singing synthesizer UTAU and, now that two years have passed since her release, they’re celebrating this event with their fans once again by organizing a little contest! They announced the surprise on November 1st, showing …

  • 10 November

    Macne Nana V4 Release Date and Designs Revealed!

    Macne Nana’s and AHS’ Twitters have been very busy announcing all the Nana! We now have confirmation of Macne Nana V4’s release date as well as the official designs for Nana Natural, Petit, and English! Voice Banks Macne Nana V4 will have three different voice banks: Macne Nana Natural, Macne …

October, 2016

  • 22 October

    Hatsune Miku’s Appearance in BEAMS’ 40th Anniversary Project Video

    Hatsune Miku’s appearance as seen in the video In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the leading Japanese clothing retailer BEAMS has released a music video featuring 40 years worth of fashion and trend in Japan since 1976. The music video features a great number of artists, including sasakure.UK and Hatsune Miku, singing to the …

  • 16 October

    Luo Tianyi’s Performance at China’s 11th Golden Eagle Art Festival!

    It’s been more than six months since Tianyi had her chance to star on TV, where she sang “花儿纳吉” with the Chinese singer 杨钰莹 during the 2016 Hunan TV New Year Gala. On October 15th, Tianyi had the opportunity to perform again at China’s 11th Golden Eagle Art Festival, this …

  • 10 October

    COCOROBO x VOCALOID Collaboration Demo Compilation!

    Not too long ago, a new collaboration between COCOROBO and VOCALOID was announced, and with this, five demo songs were to be released following the announcement. Click here for more information. Cocorovoice (by tilt-six/Thanks) & MMD Model by: Koron   Lovely Ensemble (by rerulili/猫的工房)   ALL*DAY*LUV (by U-ske/Kor/Makino Sena)   ASHIOTO …

  • 3 October

    COCOROBO x VOCALOID Collaboration Brings Singing Vacuum Cleaner!

    SHARP Japan worked with Yamaha to release a VOCALOID AI engine for their robotic vacuum cleaner “COCOROBO”, creating the COCOROBO x VOCALOID collaboration. This technology, called the “COCORO MUSIC A.I Engine”, will be used in SHARP’s robotic vacuum cleaner. Not only will the robot clean your home automatically but it will also sing …

September, 2016

  • 29 September

    Tohoku Zunko V4 and Kiritan VOICEROID+ Announced Plus Anime Updates!

    In a surprise announcement from AHS, we’ve learned that not only will Tohoku Zunko be receiving a VOCALOID 4 voice bank but also her younger sister Kiritan will be a VOICEROID+! Both will be released on October 27. Tohoku Zunko V4 Tohoku Zunko’s V4 bank is called “Tohoku Zunko V4 …

  • 29 September

    Create Your Own Fanloids with AHS VOCALOIDs!

    While many VOCALOID voice banks are only able to cross synthesize with themselves, AHS recently announced quite the game changer. All AHS V3 and V4 voices minus Kaai Yuki will soon be capable of cross synthesizing with each other! This will allow you to create your own fanloids with AHS VOCALOIDs! …