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September, 2016

  • 29 September

    Create Your Own Fanloids with AHS VOCALOIDs!

    While many VOCALOID voice banks are only able to cross synthesize with themselves, AHS recently announced quite the game changer. All AHS V3 and V4 voices minus Kaai Yuki will soon be capable of cross synthesizing with each other! This will allow you to create your own fanloids with AHS VOCALOIDs! …

June, 2016

  • 14 June

    Tonio 6th Anniversary Illustration Collaboration Event

    Chorvaqueen is known for her love of Engloids and also her love of all things Tonio. As a producer and artist on top of that, it’s only appropriate for her to hold an event celebrating Tonio’s 6th anniversary. The Tonio 6th Anniversary Illustration Collaboration Event is something all Tonio fans …

  • 6 June

    Yuezheng Longya Will Receive a New Design for V4! Fans Are Welcome to Give Suggestions!

    As July is getting closer, Vsinger finally brings us some news for the upcoming release of Yuezheng Longya. Vsinger posted a long Weibo post featuring Pora’s illustration of Longya. The post announced his new character biography and asked fans for their opinions of his V4 design. Please remember that Longya’s …

March, 2016

  • 23 March

    AHS “Songs Love” Concert Footage Released

    Recently, AHS released a video with commentary on their live stream channel showcasing the AHS "Songs Love" concert they hosted featuring the AHS VOCALOIDs. As mentioned in a previous article, on Febuary 28th 2016, AHS held a live VOCALOID concert titled "Songs Love" in Japan. The concert featured all of the AHS VOCALOIDs and took

  • 19 March

    Zero-G VOCALOID Sale!

    Zero-G, the company most recently known for creating the VOCALOID 4 voice banks Dex and Daina, has announced recently that all of their VOCALOID titles are now on sale! This Zero-G VOCALOID sale marks the lowest prices that these VOCALOIDs have ever been. If you're looking to buy a good quality English VOCALOID, now is

February, 2016

  • 27 February

    Last Three Songs for First Fukase Album Announced

    The final three songs for the first Fukase album were recently announced. As we mentioned before, the first VOCALOID Fukase album, “VOCALOID Fukase ~THE GREATEST HITS~”, is set to be released at the end of March. When the album was first announced, we only knew ten of the 13 songs. Now we know all of

  • 22 February

    VOCALOID Fukase’s First Album Announced

    VOCALOID Fukase Design

    VOCALOID Fukase's first album was announced very recently and is now up for pre-order! "VOCALOID Fukase ~THE GREATEST HITS~" will be a compilation album featuring 13 tracks. At this moment, there are currently only ten tracks of the 13 tracks known and no album art has been released. The album will be released on March

  • 17 February

    Dex and Daina Voice Providers Q&A Stream and More!

    Recently, EmpathP and Kenji-B held a live stream to talk about the production of Dex and Daina as well as their future plans for a concert and a rhythm game featuring VOCALOIDs. This stream gave new information as well as recapped old information from the previous streams the two have held in the past. If

  • 14 February

    Dex and Daina Voice Providers Revealed

    When Dex and Daina were announced in June, the voice providers for them were not known. However, in November EmpathP mentioned in one of her live streams that she was not sure if they would be revealed before February, and if not they would announce it at Katsucon. This weekend at Katsucon as promised, EmpathP

January, 2016

  • 8 January

    VOCALOID Fukase Demos, English Bank, and Release Date Revealed

    YAMAHA is gearing up for the release of VOCALOID Fukase. After several months of not hearing anything about him after the design contest winner was announced in September, we're getting a lot more than we expected! Release Details VOCALOID Fukase's Box Art The digital download of VOCALOID Fukase will be released on January 28th while