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June, 2016

  • 24 June

    VOCAMERICA Kickstarter is Live!

    Western VOCALOID fans rejoice! The VOCAMERICA Kickstarter is live and ready for eager fans. In addition, the Kickstarter video gives us our first look at the DEX MMD model we spoke about earlier in action! (The previous test used motion data not made for him.) In addition to showing us …

  • 22 June

    DEX MMD Model Revealed for VOCAMERICA!

    EmpathP revealed in a recent Q&A stream that the Kickstarter for VOCAMERICA is set to start no later than June 28th and that she was waiting on the DEX MMD model so that the Kickstarter video could be made. She and Yoistyle both teased images of the new model, and yesterday, EmpathP …

  • 10 June

    VOCAMERICA Q&A Stream Recap

    Last night, EmpathP held a VOCAMERICA Q&A stream to give fans a chance to ask questions about the concert. Hoshi tuned in to the two hour long stream and collected the answers to all of the questions fans had about the concert. If you’d like to watch the whole stream, …

May, 2016

  • 14 May

    VOCAMERICA Kickstarter Stretch Goals Announced

    EmpathP recently announced the confirmed acts for the VOCAMERICA concert. However, now the VOCAMERICA Kickstarter stretch goals are announced as well! There are four stretch goals, each of which will "unlock" a new VOCALOID in the concert. Once again, the announcement came via Vocaloid Amino, where she's promised to post all of her VOCAMERICA updates.

  • 7 May

    VOCAMERICA Performers Announced

    In February, EmpathP (also known as Aki Glancy) announced in a live stream about Dex and Daina that she was planning to hold a concert featuring western VOCALOIDs. In the months following, she was hard at work getting things together and she's still working on everything. Currently, Aki is working on getting a Kickstarter up