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February, 2017

  • 7 February

    VocalNexus Brings VOCAMERICA to Europe!

    Our partners VocalNexus and VOCAMERICA are partnering up to bring the Western VOCALOID concert project to Europe! The first-ever European VOCAMERICA concert will be at Aki no Matsuri, a Swiss anime convention. However, they need your help to make their European venture a success! Why VocalNexus? VocalNexus is a German …

  • 5 February

    VOCAMERICA Patreon Now Open

    After a successful Kickstarter campaign and first concert, the VOCAMERICA merchandise shop opened up. But now EmpathP is giving fans a more direct way to not only support the concert project but also to score merchandise before regular fans. As an added bonus, the VOCAMERICA Patreon even has the official concert MMD models …

November, 2016

  • 18 November

    VOCAMERICA Merch Review Part 2: All the Goods!

    We’re on to part two of my (Hoshi’s) VOCAMERICA merch review! This time around, I’m reviewing all of the goodies that came with the Platinum package of the Kickstarter. While this doesn’t include everything (I was only able to choose four keychains out of the 12 available), it does include …

  • 17 November

    VOCAMERICA Merch Review Part 1 – VOCAMERICA Official Soundtrack: The Debut

    After much anticipation, my VOCAMERICA Kickstarter goods finally came! I, Hoshi, have been so excited for these ever since the Kickstarter, and the hype has only been growing. I pledged for the Diamond Package which we covered here. However, the package holds so many goods that I’m splitting the review into …

  • 12 November

    VOCAMERICA Online Shop Now Open!

    If you missed out on the VOCAMERICA merch, fear not! As promised, the VOCAMERICA online shop is now open for fans around the globe to grab the goodies they missed out on! As promised, fans can buy the main six keychains, as well as VOCAMERICA t-shirts and the official soundtrack …

  • 10 November

    NekoCon Recap: VOCAMERICA and More!

    While the first showing of VOCAMERICA was definitely the highlight of NekoCon, Agetechlo provided quite a bit of coverage of the whole convention as well. From the VOCALOID cosplay meetup to the VOCAMERICA merch booth and, of course, the concert itself, there’s quite a bit to talk about. Cosplay Meetup …

October, 2016

  • 31 October

    VOCAMERICA Merchandise is Coming!

    VOCAMERICA is just a few days away. The concert will be held at NekoCon in Hampton, Virginia and it’ll be the first western VOCALOID concert of its kind. And, with concerts comes merch! If you’re planning to go to NekoCon, be sure to check out VOCAMERICA on Saturday at 4PM. …

  • 8 October

    VOCAMERICA Updates: Animation Tests, Merch Shipment, and More!

    EmpathP hosted an animation test stream this evening, highlighting the animations that have been completed so far. In addition to streaming. she also gave people information on the concert itself, showed off the merchandise she has set to go, and let fans know about shipping plans for all the Kickstarter …

September, 2016

  • 24 September

    VOCAMERICA Song Contest!

    Would you like to have your song included in VOCAMERICA? Now is your chance! Below is a message from EmpathP: Hi everyone! We have a special announcement from your friends here at the VOCAMERICA Concert Project. Are you a musician with a love of Western VOCALOIDS? Have you ever wanted …

August, 2016

  • 25 August

    VOCAMERICA is Now Hiring Animators!

    EmpathP is currently in the market to hire more animators for VOCAMERICA. As it stands now, the team assembled has a bigger workload than they’re able to handle. EmpathP would therefore like to extend the invitation to come and work for VOCAMERICA as a freelancer MMD motion tracer or freestyle animator. …