VNN Will be Collaborating with the Chinese Circle “咏吟轩” (Yong Yin Xuan)!

VNN is now partnering with the Chinese circle “咏吟轩” (Yong Yin Xuan), a group of artists and producers from China who have been around since the beginning of the Chinese VOCALOIDs.


With this partnership, we hope to make the link between the Chinese fandom, artists, producers, and the rest of the world much easier. The group consists of several well-known members such as JUSF周存, 耶Aya叁, GhostFinal, Sya, 杏花包子, and more!

Some of you might recognize the name JUSF周存 or the name 咏吟轩 (Yong Yin Xuan) from VNN. JUSF’s song “End of the Path” was featured on our YouTube channel.

We also covered their most recent album Play! Play!


Lastly, expect to see some more of their works on our YouTube channel here!

For more information on the Play! Play! album, check out our article here.

You can find more information on the group and their awesome members here!

咏吟轩’s Official Website

Special thanks to 耶Aya叁 for the wonderful artwork and the Character was designed by 兔没毛Mary-ko. Also thanks to the rest of the group!

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