Vsinger’s Characters “Language of Flower” Mini Figures Spotted at Comicup 18!

“Comicup 18” is the largest comic convention in China and it ends with the Mid-Autumn holiday. The convention brings creators from multiple fandoms together. You can also find some well-known brands. The figure contest “FIGUP”, organized by Comicup and HobbyMax, has brought us some high-quality figures this year. While we are on the subject of figures, Vsinger’s mini figure set “Language of Flower” painted prototypes were displayed, and it definitely brings some hype to any Chinese VOCALOID fan.

As seen below, the characters of “Language of Flower” include Vsinger’s Luo Tianyi, YANHE, YueZheng Ling, YueZheng Longya, Zhiyu Moke, Mo Qingxian, and also Stardust from Quadimension. The mysterious bonus character remains unknown (question mark in the photo).

The figures are based on Laile’s “Language of Flower” design. The figures are still in production and are expected to be released in September of this year. Vsinger did not give us a specific price but it is expected to be roughly around ¥300 RMB/$47 USD for all eight characters. Keep in mind that they will not be sold individually but only as a set, so anyone who is not interested in buying the whole set should keep this in mind before making their purchase.

Special thanks to c————-cx who provided the photos from CP 18.

Aside from the two official figures that were released with Tianyi’s voice bank four years ago (currently unavailable), “Language of Flower” will be Tianyi’s first figure since. This will also be the first figure for every other Vsinger character. “Language of Flower” will surely be the new fan-favorite with their unique pastel color textures, cute round faces, and graceful ancient Chinese outfits.

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