Yuzuki Yukari Racing Crowdfunding Concluded + New Video Report!

As of January 10th, the Yuzuki Yukari Racing Project “Ready For?” crowdfunding campaign has come to a close and is no longer accepting donations. Following its conclusion, Takahiro Watanabe, the project organizer, updated the page with the following message to supporters:

Our crowdfunding campaign has been going on since last year, and it now comes to a close today.
Thanks to everyone’s generous support, we’ve raised a grand total of ¥4,209,000 JPY in donations from an amazing 266 different donors, far exceeding what any of us on the team could have ever predicted.
Thank you all so much for your warm wishes and incredible support.
With this funding, we can now enter at least one race in the upcoming Super Taikyu, and aim to enter more depending on how well sales of the Racing Yukari merchandise go.
Furthermore, we are currently preparing all the donor rewards and will ship them out as early as possible.
We will continue to update this page, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages, with reports of our future efforts, and would be overjoyed with your ongoing support.

This means that the Yuzuki Yukari Racing Project can now truly begin! To kick things off, Watanabe uploaded a new video report of the project’s recent ongoings on his Niconico channel (where he is also known as MazodoraP), narrated by Yukari’s VOICEROID bank! This installment covers the team’s presence at VOCACON 2016 and the Super-FJ. You can watch the video below!

For those who cannot watch the video or do not understand Japanese, here are some highlights:

  • The team had a bit of a hard time finding where their assigned exhibition stage for the Yuzuki Yukari itasha would be located at the Tsumagoi resort. But they got there eventually, and MazodoraP was able to unveil the itasha that they will soon be racing in! The unveiling attracted tons of spectators, even those who weren’t previously interested in racing!
  • The Yuzuki Yukari itasha will be a Honda Fit GE8, with a sticker scheme and paint job designed by Suke-san. The front hood and side doors of the vehicle will sport the official Racing Yukari main visual art. Watch the video below to see more of it!

– Yoshiyuki Tsuruga, also known as CircuitP, is the Racing Yukari team member who competed in the Super-FJ Regional Championship Series last year in a Formula 1 race car christened with the name “Yuzuki Yukari ZAP 10V ED.” This video covers the final round at the Twin Ring Motegi, where Tsuruga finished in 4th place.

  • You can watch more footage of CircuitP and the Yuzuki Yukari ZAP 10V ED in action in the video below!

Stay tuned to VNN for more updates and developments in the Yuzuki Yukari Racing Project! If this is your first time reading about the project, then check out our previous coverages below!

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