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October, 2017

  • 30 October

    Hatsune Miku Themed Car Announced By Daihatsu, The Move Canbus Miku Ver.

    Step aside, Snow Miku! This time Hatsune Miku herself is getting her own themed car in the latest Daihatsu collaboration. For the 2018 Hatsune Miku X Daihatsu collab, the Daihatsu Move Canbus is getting the touch-up treatment to add bits of Hatsune Miku styling (specifically, that of KEI’s original Miku …

  • 29 October

    New Racing Miku and Racing Luka Merch From COCOLLABO Now Available!

    Good Smile Racing‘s last race in the SuperGT series is on November 11th, and COCOLLABO is selling their Racing Miku 2017 and Racing Luka merch on their website to help fans get prepared! Racing Luka Merch Note that all prices include tax. T-shirt sizes reflect the the Japanese sizing scale.  …

  • 29 October

    IA in Barcelona, Spain!

    From October 27th through the 29th, 1st Place and IA were at MMC Berlin in Germany, where they held both a concert screening as well as a booth full of goods for sale. Not only that, they also had a workshop set up at MMC Berlin. Those who attended would …

  • 28 October

    Otomachi Una Official Online Shop is Now Open!

    The first eel-themed VOCALOID Otomachi Una now has an official online shop where fans can get some unique goodies! Currently, the selection is quite limited, with only keychains and huge stuffed hats being sold, but there will likely be more variety later on. All of the items feature Una’s three voicebanks: …

  • 24 October

    MEIKO 13th Anniversary Goods at Animate and Movic!

    MEIKO, the first Japanese-language VOCALOID to be produced and released, is soon going to be celebrating her 13th anniversary on November 5th! In light of this, Animate JP and Movic are selling various, exclusive goodies featuring MEIKO and her Cryptonloid friends! The Goods Clear File: ¥350 each (excluding tax) Illustrations …

  • 24 October

    The VKB-100 VOCALOID Keyboard is coming Winter 2017!

    Image of VOCALOID Keyboard 2017

    Yamaha will be releasing the VKB-100 VOCALOID Keyboard in Winter 2017! Have you ever wanted to play VOCALOID in real time like an instrument? Well, that’s exactly what the VOCALOID Keyboard can do! The VOCALOID Keyboard is a shoulder keyboard which serves as a two-in-one singing tool and instrument, recreating …

  • 19 October

    Miku’s Tape -10th Anniversary Edition- Now Available on Tokyo Otaku Mode

    Last month, it was revealed that Hatsune Miku had been appointed as the ambassador for the Cassette Store Day in Japan. This is an annual event dedicated to the classic cassette tape format. Up until now, it was only available in shops in Japan. Thankfully, you can now purchase Miku’s …

  • 19 October

    PECHOIN Collaboration with Luo Tianyi Announced!

    The famous Chinese cosmetic brand, PECHOIN, has announced a new collaboration with Luo Tianyi on Weibo, and released a teaser for their latest Luo Tianyi-themed cosmetic series. The cosmetic series will be available for preorder on TMall starting on October 20th. By sharing the Weibo post and tagging 3 of …

  • 10 October

    Hatsune Miku TYPE 2020 and 2020-II Outfits for Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku Global Sales Announced

    Previously showcased at Magical Mirai this year, the Hatsune Miku TYPE 2020 and 2020-II outfits for Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku have been announced for global sale! The two outfits are based on original illustrations by the artist Shirow Miwa, an official member of the well-known music group supercell, for the collaborations with the …

  • 7 October

    Roundup of September 2017 Album Releases and Announcements!

    VNN and our affiliate sites are always trying our best to report on the biggest VOCALOID album releases and announcements as they come. However, there will inevitably be some months when the shear number of albums can cause some to slip under the radar. Thankfully, that’s where these roundups can …