A virtual singer lover with a dream of connecting the world of virtual singers together through VNN. Monds is also a huge rhythm game fan/player on his spare time.

New Demo Song for Otomachi Una

With only five days left before the release of the VOCALOID Otomachi Una by Internet Co. and MTK, we now have a second demo song. This time the demo is done by くらげP, and unlike the last demo that showcased her softer voice, this demo gives us a rocking tune that is perfect for showcasing …

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YANHE MMD Model by REMmaple

If you are into MMD or even VOCALOID in general, chances are you have heard of REMmaple’s models. He is well-known for doing some great work. His most recent model to be released is that of YANHE. For those of you who did not know, YANHE’s birthday was on July …

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Otomachi Una Demo for Sugar and Spicy Revealed!

We have recently announced that Sugar and Spicy weren’t two VOCALOIDs but two different voice banks for a single character named Otomachi Una. Now we’re happy to say that the first Otomachi Una demo is out! “Fantastic Night” by Ozashin is a cute pop song that features just Sugar and …

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“Play! Play!” Album Review

The Chinese group 咏吟轩 (Yong Yin Xuan) is a group composed of Chinese artists (producers, lyricists, illustrators, etc.). These include JusF周存, 耶Aya叁, Sya, GhostFinal, and more! They have recently came together to make another album titled “Play! Play!”, featuring eight amazing tracks using the Chinese VOCALOIDs. When I heard the cross-fade, I (Monds) instantly …

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