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Jade Kaiba

Jade is an artist, writer and musician based in the UK, who has a particular fondness for Vocaloids. Her favourite loids are Fukase, Oliver, Gumi and IA.
IA x Ragnarok Online Promotional Image

IA x Ragnarok Online “Wanna Be Free!!” Single Out Now!

You may have seen our previous article announcing the collaboration between IA x Ragnarok Online and the upcoming single “Wanna Be Free!!” Well, the wait is over, and the “Wanna Be Free!!” single is now available for purchase! The music for “Wanna Be Free!!” is composed by soundTeMP, with lyrics, arrangement …

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Zunko R.C. Voice Featured Image

Tohoku Zunko Available in R.C. Voice!

The voice-morphing app, “R.C. Voice,” is now available for free download on iOS devices, and none other than Tohoku Zunko is one of the voices available at launch! リアチェンvoiceというアプリが本日公開されました(>∀<●)こちら、自分の声をキャラの声に変換するアプリです(๑´ڡ`๑) なんと、そこにずん子もいるのです(≧▽≦)ゞhttps://t.co/wBSSIQDfWK — 東北ずん子(公式) (@t_zunko) October 30, 2017 “The new app, R.C. Voice, was released today (>∀<●) This app can convert your …

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