Quadimension’s HaiYi Confirmed for Synthesizer V!

But HaiYi‘s birthday celebrations keep going, as Quadimension finally confirmed her as new Synthesizer V voice bank! The Ocean Lady is Coming to Synthesizer V! Her voice coming to Dreamtonics‘ engine has been confirmed through a post on Weibo. We don’t have much information on her voice bank yet, aside …

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SRP Releases a new Voicebank for Yume Lyra!

It is always a pleasure to welcome a new vocalist to the synthesized world, and today we hereby give our most warm one to SRP’s mascot Yume Lyra, which debuted with her English VCCV voicebank for UTAU today! About SRP Synthesized Reality Productions is a fan-run VOCALOID concert project that …

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Kotonoha Akane & Aoi Yukata Ver. Microfiber Towel Pre-Orders Open!

It’s time for Kotonoha Akane and Aoi fans to arise once more, as we have a new adorable official item now available from their official webstore! A Yukata-themed Microfiber Towel The Kotonoha sisters today showed us their new  featuring the two of them in a cute yukata outfit! 【拡散希望】描き下ろし浴衣姉妹ほぼ等身大マイクロファイバータオル予約開始!★予約期間7月29日(月)13:00まで。https://t.co/oIaQxTrSqY pic.twitter.com/MtAdD4SOPj …

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