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July, 2016

  • 2 July

    IA “PARTY A-GO-GO” Concert in China & IA ENGLISH

    Good news for all the Chinese IA fans! 1st Place has created their official Weibo account a few days ago and quickly followed with a big surprise — IA’s 1st Live Concert “PARTY A-GO-GO” will be happening in China this summer! Do remember that this is not the “PARTY A-GO-GO” World …

  • 1 July

    VOCALOID News Network at Anime Expo This Weekend!

    VOCALOID News Network will be attending two cons this weekend! Firstly “Animaritime” where Monds will be attending, and now we have Cowfee heading over to Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California. As always, we will cover the VOCALOID side of things mostly. That being said, as mentioned in our previous …

June, 2016

  • 25 June

    IA and Lia at Anime Expo!

    Lia, singer of the songs from the animes “Charlotte”, “CLANNAD〜after story”,  “Angel Beats”, and “AIR”, will be the Guest of Honor at Anime Expo 2016! Furthermore, fans can enjoy the screening of the movie concert of IA, the VOCALOID™ virtual artist to whom Lia gave voice to! You can enjoy IA and Lia …

  • 10 June

    IA and ONE Merchandise Now Available on CDJapan!

    IA and ONE fans, rejoice! IA and ONE merchandise are now available on CDJapan! There’s everything from CDs and DVDs to key chains, mugs, and t-shirts. If you’re unable to go to one of IA’s concert screenings or if 1st PLACE can’t bring merchandise to your town, CDJapan is now …

  • 10 June

    IA English Website Now Available!

    An IA English website is now available thanks to 1st Place! Currently, the site is dedicated to IA’s World Screening Caravan. You can see the schedule, access the screening questionnaire, and even visit IA’s artist page (the artist page is only in Japanese at the moment). The website also promises …

  • 3 June

    More “IA PARTY A GO-GO” Locations Announced!

    The “IA PARTY A GO-GO” World Screening Caravan started on January 27th with IA’s 4th anniversary event held in Tokyo. After that, the movie toured France, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and the next date is at Fan Expo Dallas, to be held on June 3rd to 5th at the Dallas Convention …

  • 1 June

    IA at Fan Expo Dallas Details Revealed!

    Fans may have seen the previous article covering the announcement of IA at Fan Expo Dallas. However, now we have all the details regarding the event! Official Press Release: Fans of the virtual artist IA, can enjoy her music this Saturday at Fan Expo Dallas in the section of anime …

May, 2016

  • 24 May

    IA and Exit Tunes at Fan Expo Dallas

    VOCALOID fans going to Fan Expo Dallas (or any VOCALOID fan in Dallas wanting a bit more of a VOCALOID high after the recent Miku Expo) can look forward to some special appearances during the con! A screening of IA's first live concert in Japan will be shown, and Exit Tunes will host a dance

  • 20 May

    IA Concert Screening at Animecon!

    There will be an IA concert screening at Animecon! As fans may have guessed, it will be a screening of IA's "IA 1st Live Concert in Japan -PARTY A GO-GO-" The Movie, which we talked about in a previous article. The programming guide says that it will be on Friday, June 10th from 21:30

  • 19 May

    IA’s Concert Screening at Etna Comics 2016

    IA debutta all'Etna Comics 2016

    Even if it's not the first time Italian fans have had the chance to attend a VOCALOID concert (see Luo Tianyi's brief cameo at Lucca Comics & Games 2014), it's still nice to hear about IA's appearance at Etna Comics 2016! But sadly, there is heartbreaking news. Because there won't be a real concert with