March, 2020

  • 19 March

    2020 SUPER GT Rd.1 Okayama Tournament Postponed!

    The 2020 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Round1 Takanoko Hotel OKAYAMA GT 300km race scheduled to take place on April 11 through April 12, 2020, has been officially suspended. According to an official statement by Okayama International Circuit Co., Ltd. and GT Association Co., Ltd., both companies have unanimously stated that, “In …

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  • 18 March

    MIKUEXPO 2020 USA & Canada Tour New Dates Announced!

    New dates for the MIKUEXPO 2020 USA & Canada tour have been finally announced after being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hatsune Miku’s appearance in Coachella, one of the largest music festivals in the United States, which has been postponed due to the spread of the new disease Coronavirus …

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  • 16 March

    Hatsune Miku VR 50% OFF Sale On Steam!

    Hatsune Miku VR is available on the popular platform Steam with a 50% OFF sale only for today! Make sure to get the game cheaper before it’s too late! 【本日まで!!】大人気VR音楽ゲーム「初音ミク VR」のSteam版が本体50%OFFセール開催中!本日までです!お見逃しなく!初音ミクVR #初音ミク #VR #Steam — 初音ミク 公式 (@cfm_miku) March 16, 2020 The world-famous virtual singer Hatsune Miku invites you to …

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  • 16 March

    Hatsune Miku NT: Prototype Version Has Been Delayed

    The development of “Hatsune Miku NT: Prototype Version”, which has been developed with the aim of a mid-March release has been delayed to early April, 2020. 初音ミク NTプロトタイプ版リリース遅延のお知らせ初音ミク #初音ミクNT — SONICWIRE 公式 (@cfm_sonicwire) March 16, 2020 Sonicware is pushing the voice software back to April to allow more time to …

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  • 14 March

    “Flower” Talk To Be Released On April 3, 2020!

    Gynoid announced today that the character “Flower” will have a new release through the text-to-speech software “Gynoid Talk“. It is available for pre-order with a release date for April 3rd, 2020. Gynoid Talk is a text-to-speech software that powers the character “Flower”.  The pre-orders have begun today March 13th, 2020 and …

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  • 12 March

    “MIKU EXPO 2020” USA & CANADA Tour Has Been Postponed!

    Following an official announcement, the official MIKU EXPO 2020 Twitter account has released a statement confirming that the MIKU EXPO 2020 USA & Canada tour has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak that’s affecting countries and territories across the world. Following recent developments and in consideration of the safety …

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  • 10 March

    Hatsune Miku Fan Forge Merchandise On Sale + Discounts!

    Our friends at Fan Forge have revealed a bunch of new products on the Hatsune Miku Fan Forge community website in celebration of the MIKU EXPO 2020 Tour in the US & Canada! Check out their website and the Hatsune Miku Fan Forge community designs here! Some of the designs …

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  • 9 March

    Hatsune Miku TAP Wonder’s Official Logo Revealed!

    In celebration of March 9th or most commonly known among us as “Miku Day“, the official Hatsune Miku Twitter account has unveiled the new logo for the upcoming Hatsune Miku – TAP Wonder video game! What is Hatsune Miku – TAP Wonder? The concept behind the game is a casual, …

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  • 7 March

    Crossing Void x Hatsune Miku Launching on March 9th!

    Prepare to meet Miku, Luka & Rin/Len in this epic anime crossover RPG game featuring 50+ popular characters from franchises like SAO today! Nine South-East Asian countries join the grand launch on March 9th, 2020 of this wonderful Hatsune Miku collaboration with Crossing Void! Get ready to fight with your …

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  • 6 March

    Hatsune Miku Mobile March Update

    Hello everyone! Today we will be showing you the content from “Hatsune Miku Mobile’s” newest March update. Android Live Wallpaper Luka in a traditional outfit makes up for a gorgeous live wallpaper! Wallpaper Miku and MEIKO in their volley outfits are ready to jump into your screen! iPhone Wallpaper Miku’s …

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  • 4 March

    “39 Culture 2020 WORLD & FES” Has Been Officially Announced!

    The tour will be held once again in the venue from last year as it was decided by the organizers. Starting from the Shibuya Loft in Tokyo. then all the way to Nagoya, Umeda, Fukuoka, and Sapporo. Those who live in rural areas will be able to participate! It was …

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  • 3 March

    “Hatsune Miku VR” Song Pack 3 DLC Has Been Released!

    After waiting for a considerable amount of time, which doesn’t make the news less exciting, the “Hatsune Miku VR Song Pack 3” has finally been released! The news were confirmed via Hatsune Miku’s official Twitter which you can read here. The additional content is outlined below: 39 Music! (Music: Mikito …

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February, 2020

  • 29 February

    IA’s MUSICAL & LIVE SHOW “ARIA” OST Available For Pre-Order!

    In an announcement made on IA’s official Facebook page, 1st Place has revealed that the pre-orders for the MUSICAL & LIVE SHOW “ARIA” ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK have opened for all fans worldwide! This new soundtrack features 21 high quality songs and 5 new vocal tracks. This CD was sold at exclusive …

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  • 27 February

    Yomiuri Land Events Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

    In an official statement made today on Twitter it was unfortunately confirmed that the “HATSUNE MIKU WITH YOU 2019″ events scheduled to be held from March 7 to March 9, 2020 at Yomiuri Land have been cancelled due to the worldwide known COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. The spokesperson for PJ Sekai …

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  • 26 February

    “Hatsune Miku” x WEGO Collab Merch To Release On March 9, 2020!

    Hatsune Miku, the world’s most popular virtual singer, has a new collaboration with the clothing brand WEGO for the first time ever! This new collaboration has our favorite turquoise twintails singer reimagined in a casually dressed design that’s off-the-charts! The illustrations are drawn by popular illustrator Kocha. Product Information Release …

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